The Veritas Project


You’re likely visiting this page because you received an invitation via one of our support letters that have gone out this week. Welcome! I am in Bismarck this week, attending conferences, meetings, doing presentations at FEFC, preaching, and networking with local pastors about the Seminary Project.

The last few months have not been easy for my family and I, and we owe you – our friends – a debt of gratitude for your prayers, concern and generosity. Again, thank you. It has been an amazing thing to see the Church in action, and we have been overwhelmed by the Christian friendship in our midst.

Both myself and others are excited beyond measure about the proposal for a new Dispensational Seminary, under the umbrella of FEFC. It seems as if the months (years even!) of waiting and preparation and seeking God’s will are now culminating in this Project. We covet your prayers as we move ahead.

Please follow the links to the “pages” and read what we have posted about our family, the church in Bismarck, and, the proposed Seminary Project. Be sure to check back for updates often!

Also, we have uploaded a few of the articles, book reviews and lectures that I have compiled during my studies and years of teaching, and arranged them into appropriate categories (see Menu on the right). In our haste to get the site up and running, it was not feasible to add some of the many footnotes included in the original documents, but I pray they will be of interest to you. More will be added as time allows!

Your brother,


One comment

  1. Hey! I love the book reviews! It is good to see you writing, and I look forward to following the progress of your project…I will be praying for you!

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