How did the vote go?

This past Monday (26th March) there was a vote taken at First Evangelical Free Church, Bismarck, ND. The vote was on the recommendation of the elders that a new seminary be established under the auspices of the church. The church, being congregational, needed to vote positively in favor of our venture, and I am pleased to say that 84% voted for the seminary. We thank God for such a clear decision.

Now we must find the funds that will be necessary to realize the seminary, including (of course) my salary. We trust the Lord for this, understanding that obstacles still lie ahead. One of those obstacles will be to secure my salary before we can move up to Bismarck. For the present I can do nearly everything I need to do from Texas, although it will be necessary for me to spend time in Bismarck about once a month to help coordinate things up there.

As you can see, things are still very much in the Lord’s hands, which is exactly where we want them to be. In whatever God calls a person to do, it is so important to know that one is called. I would rather not teach again than to go unsent! But if God calls, he also provides. We humbly anticipate that provision to come in as this important and exciting project moves forward. Please pray with us about this.

Your brother,


Psalm 71:6


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