Day: 11 September 2007

The Veritas ETHOS: Principles Underlying Studies at Veritas School of Theology



The objective of Veritas School of Theology ( is twofold:

  • To restore the locus of theological training back to the local church.
  • To articulate and defend a God-centered, revelational worldview.


We describe ourselves theologically as existing to promote the knowledge of God through the disciplined study of God and man, always respecting the biblical Creator/creature distinction. This means that orthodoxy and orthopraxy are viewed as opposite sides of the same truth. Thus, we do not lay stress on theology as a subject but as the divinely appointed truth without which we are without a compass in the world. This lends to theology a more necessary and obligatory aspect.

Position on the Theological Spectrum

Along with Fundamentalism and historic Evangelicalism we contend for the practical outworking of an inerrant and authoritative Word of God. For this reason we are not afraid to stand for certain unpopular positions (Young Earth Creationism, propositional revelation, consistent hermeneutics, a biblical ethic of selfless love, etc.), nor are we ashamed of standing against popular trends in the churches (egalitarianism, sign-gifts, progressive creationism, hermeneutical relativism, integrative approaches to counseling, and postmodernism).