Things Are Progressing!

I thought it would be a good idea if I gave an update on Veritas School of Theology and what I’ve been up to.

In two weeks, Tom Pryde and I will be flying (Sept. 26th – 29th) to meet with the President and faculty of a fine Christian College to discuss a ‘partnership’ between the two schools; they will likely be donating classes to be used in our online school, and Veritas would provide online training at a graduate level and beyond for their students. They seem enthusiastic about meeting with us, and we, for our part, are very happy that an institution we both respect wants to discuss our vision. It’s becoming more and more evident that online education is the future.

I am very close to completing the recording of lectures for my course on “The Doctrine of God (1),” which means that it will be available soon! I have been working on the materials for many different courses for awhile, more specifically, for: “The Doctrine of God (2)“, “Intro to Biblical Apologetics“, “The Canon of Scripture“, and “Church History (1).” Many more courses are in the pipeline.

We are very thankful to those of you who are supporting the work financially. May God bless you all. Veritas needs a dedicated server (about $5,000?) so that we can handle more students and provide the bandwidth necessary for the lectures. We received our EIN# yesterday, which enables us to proceed on the business side of things, but we also need to complete our application for tax-exempt status as a 5o1(c)3 corporation, which will cost $750. It is imperative that we file this in October, so that we can begin processing funds for Veritas. I shall be posting a “Shopping List” on the website soon, so that any “project-oriented” individuals can see where they might supply a need.

As one might expect, Satan is unhappy with what Tom and I are doing and both of us have been hit in the pocket recently. I was laid off my part-time job (the owner is selling up) and Tom is having to go part-time at his church. But we believe the Lord will continue to supply and to prove Himself as Jehovah Jireh on our behalf.

There you have it. Plenty of work, lots of exciting opportunities, and some challenges. Please pray for us and continue to watch us move forward!

Your brother,



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