This list of books is for those believers who wish to dig more deeply into their faith without getting bogged down in a load of footnotes and scholarly conjecture. Some of these works will make demands of the reader, but nothing is listed which will be beyond the average mature Christian reader.

Knowing God – J.I. Packer. This and the two following are excellent and full guides

Keep in Step with the Spirit – A fine blend of doctrinal and practical theology

Hot-Tub Religion – Readable and reliable guide to NT spirituality

Holiness – J.C. Ryle. The classic on the subject.

Practical Religion – J.C. Ryle. Solid, readable chapters on aspects of the Christian life.

The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture – Rene Pache. A superb treatment.

God’s Lesser Glory – Bruce Ware. Open Theism is a growing heresy within evangelicalism. This book tackles the arguments skillfully.

God’s Greater Glory – Bruce Ware. A fine treatment of the doctrine of God.

The Cross of Christ – John Stott. The best treatment available.

Christ the Controversialist – John Stott. Wonderful work on Christ’s interaction with His enemies.

Explore the Book – J. Sidlow Baxter. A large book for studying the entire Bible. Some blemishes here and there, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Darwin on Trial – Phillip Johnson. A skillful critique of modern Darwinism.

Reason in the Balance – Phillip Johnson. Follow up to above concentrating on the naturalist mindset.

Creation and Change – Douglas Kelly. Excellent defense of six day creation.

Always Ready – Greg Bahnsen. Superb book on defending the faith from Scripture.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts – Robert Thomas. A trusted NT scholar brings a sober treatment to a subject often mishandled.

Dismantling the Big Bang – Hartnett/Williams. Too many Christians believe the Big Bang story. A timely book.

Major Bible Themes – Chafer/Walvoord. A tried study of doctrines in 52 studies.

Jesus: Lord and Savior – F.F. Bruce. Reliable and balanced.

Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices – Thomas Brooks. Classic, memorable work on the subject by one of the greatest Puritan writers. Drink deep!

The Pilgrim Church – E.H. Broadbent. Fascinating tour through Church history.

The Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan. Needs no commendation from us.

Christianity and Liberalism – J. Gresham Machen. Important study on discerning true Christianity.

Dining with the Devil – Os Guinness. Critique of Mega-Church movement.

Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air – Beckwith/Koukl. Well written and timely.

The Interpretation of Prophecy – Paul Lee Tan. A clear premillenial study.

The Sermon on the Mount – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Brilliant exposition.

Paul: His Life and Teaching – John McRay. Fascinating tour of Paul’s life by a respected archaeologist.

Faith Beyond Feelings – Jonathan Edwards. A readable edition of his ‘Religious Affections.’

20 Controversies that Almost Killed a Church – Richard Ganz. Very helpful.


  1. Howdy: Nice list of books. Have you read David K. Spurbeck’s books? The Christian “in Christ”, and Me! A Priest? He’s a strong dispensationalist. Resting in Him, Richard

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