Rome Supports Evolution Against Intelligent Design

When I have told people that the Roman Catholic Church supports theistic evolution they have usually doubted my words.  But here is a link showing I am not making it up.  Not that I believe the Intelligent Design movement is the savior of apologetics or anything, but I am not dim enough to think it inferior to neo-Darwinianism – whose apologetic mantra is “we can imagine how this might have happened” – but you would have thought “the church that gave us the Bible” (not!) would not be so at odds with its opening chapters.


  1. Evolution is a fact, and it doesn’t need any adjectives like theistic.

    You know anything about molecular biology? Click my name if you want to educate yourself.

  2. Thanks for the “facts” Bob. Your statistics prove that evolution through blind, random chance is impossible! I realize that you can’t help your animus against God. According to evolution your brain chemistry is programmed that way, just as mine is programmed to believe in God. But why are your synapses seeking to persuade my synapses that they can’t see the facts? Of course, according to the Bible the evidence is right in front of you – Romans 1:18-22(thanks for demonstrating some of it). But you will always seek to explain it away unless God by His grace opens your eyes.

    I do not say this to gloat. You are obviously an intelligent person. I used to believe evolution myself. But don’t be naive enough to think that you are approaching the facts neutrally and “scientifically” while those who disagree with you are not.

  3. Rome doesn’t argue that evolution (theistic, that is) necessarily happened. So, in that sense, Rome doesn’t “support” theistic evolution. What it does support, and rightly so in my opinion, is that theistic evolution does not contradict Christianity. (Whether it contradicts a particular interpretation of Genesis, is a whole ‘nother question.)

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