An Enjoyable Trip

I have now returned to the Texas heat from a nice time in San Jose, doing a Veritas Conference for my friend Will Dudding.  We covered a lot of ground.  I spoke on “Bible Interpretation for the Rest of Us,” “The Temple,” “Islam,” “Views of the Rapture,” and “Covenant Theology v. Dispensational Theology.”  Of course I was biased for pretribulational dispensationalism, but I think I steered a fairly non-radical course.

What was interesting is that there were some post-mils. and post-tribbers in attendance – Keith Mathison’s book against Dispensationalism in hand – and that made the Q&A interesting.

Sadly, none of them made it to the final ‘sesh’ (even though they said they would be there) so the really interesting exchanges didn’t materialize.

Will is going to put the audio on his blog so we’ll see how it sounds.  Hopefully, the Lord will use it to promote Veritas School of Theology and to encourage His band of besieged Dispensationalists!

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