Day: 24 June 2009

Answering the “95 Thesis Against Dispensationalism” (1)

Introduction to this Series, that excellent source for all things Reformed and Covenantal, has recently posted some more rebuttals of Dispensational Theology on its website.  Included is a set of 16 lectures by James Grier and a series of  “95 Theses Against Dispensationalism” brought together by a group of believers (mostly if not all of them Partial Preterists) calling themselves by the collective nom-de-plume, ‘The Nicene Council.’  There is also a DVD out criticizing this pernicious doctrine to which I and many others hold.

From other posts I have made it clear that I believe the title “Dispensationalism” is unfortunate, in that it focuses attention more on the proposed economies within the history of revelation and away from the identification and outworking of the biblical covenants.  This leads to misunderstandings and some lack of priority even within the ranks of adherents of the system.  (more…)