Answers to the 95 Theses in Order

For those of you who have wished that yours truly would come into the 21st Century and list my answers to the 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism in order…well, you have your wish!

1. Introduction to the Series

2. Responses to Theses 1-6

3. Responses to Theses 7-9

4. Response to Thesis 10

5. Responses to Theses 11-17

6. Responses to Theses 18-23

7. Responses to Theses 24-25

8. Responses to Theses 26-30

9. Responses to Theses 31-36

10. Responses to Theses 37-40

11. Responses to Theses 41-45

12. Responses to Theses 46-48

13. Responses to Theses 49-52

14. Responses to Theses 53-56

15. Responses to Theses 57-60

16. Responses to Theses 61-67

17. Responses to Theses 68-70

18. Responses to Theses 71-74

19. Responses to Theses 75-79

20. Responses to Theses 80-81

21. Responses to Theses 82-85

22. Responses to Theses 86-89

23. Responses to Theses 90-95

24. Reflections on the 95 Theses (1)

25. Reflections on the 95 Theses (2)

13 thoughts on “Answers to the 95 Theses in Order”

  1. Hi Paul. I recently purchased and read the book Wrongly Dividing The Word Of Truth A Critique of Dispensationalism by Dr. John Gerstner. It is the 2nd edition. I started to look again at the 95 Theses Againist Dispensationalism and I noticed that a great majority of the objections to it were borrowed or taken from that book. At this point I dont believe that they are really intrested in any discussion since from what I see they dont want to listen or to accept any answers that are given for their objections or any misrepresentations that they do. It feels like they think that they are right no matter what is the impression that I get. Thank you for the articles you have posted .

  2. […] While we’re on the subject of John MacArthur bashers, a good many of them of the Reformed Covenant persuasion use him as an extension to bash Dispensational theology.  Fake pastor-teacher Joel is a prime example. Typically, though, those folks bash what they do not know. Or perhaps better, what they have been told to believe about Dispensationalism from other bashers who went before them. Regrettably, that only misdirects those folks into the dangerous fields of strawmen where they flail wildly about thwacking everything they’ve been duped into accepting as “heresy.”  It’s this sort of theological Quixotic adventurism that gives us such eye-rolling absurdities like the 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism (BTW, read a brutal rebuttal to them HERE). […]

  3. […] I would also point folks to the theological writings of Paul Henebury, Dr. Reluctant, who shares his concerns and recommendations for refining Dispensationalism. Take a look at his Telos Theological Ministries where you will find a lot of good material, especially his article on Biblical Covenantalism and Answering the 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism. […]

  4. Dispensationalism, premillennialism, Zionism, hence Christian Zionism are all systematic theologies established and ordained by the Head Zionist, dispensationalist and premillennialist Himself, Yehovah. It should be every believer’s desire to please Him and accept, believe and trust what His word teaches. Those who do are called faithful stewards and servants; those who don’t won’t be hearing those words we all desire to hear, “well done, good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21

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