Some Excellent Stuff on ‘Christ in the Old Testament’

Over at Team Pyro Dan Phillips has two superb talks on the theme Christ in the Old Testament.  They are well worth your time.  For one thing, Dan preserves the integrity of the Old Testament text by allowing it to speak in its own voice!  Imagine that.



  1. I’ve always thought pointing to Christ from the OT through a historical grammatical hermeneutics was the best way of going about showing Christ in the OT rather than any other method.

  2. Thanks, Paul, this was really encouraging to me.

    Jim, amen. I appreciate the obvious and many difficulties in approaching Messianic prophecy in the OT. I also understand the good-faith efforts of believers who’ve more or less concluded, “Yeah, well, apostolic (and dominical) exegesis is an impenetrable mystery and we mustn’t even try to do what they did,” then asserting “the Spirit shows new meanings not resident in the text” or “the NT community saw new meanings never before seen in the text.”

    That leaves us challenged, to say the least, to explain how Jesus could with integrity blame Jewish leaders for not recognizing Him. On that reading, how could they have? He wasn’t IN the text for them to see.

    And how could Moses rise and accuse them of not seeing what he himself did not see in his own writings, written with his own hand?

    I don’t say it’s simple, but I do say that those are imperative driving concerns. Or should be.

  3. Alf, thanks for the kind thought. I’d be open to doing it, but it’d be an enormous task. More fundamentally, I have two books published this year — and no one would want to look at another ms. from me until they see whether anyone buys the first two! (Nor should they.)

    In the interim, I heartily recommend Michael Rydelnik’s The Messianic Hope, which I review here.

  4. SIncere thanks. that’s very kind of you all, and very encouraging.

    But me ever writing other books depends on what happens with WTG and the Proverbs book. So if you want a Messianic prophecy book, get & promote those!


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