How The Other Half Live…

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but my friend Ed. Franklin linked to this on FB and I thought it would be good “filler” here while I try to get time to write something else.  It’s from a site called In Plain Sight about the investigation into the earnings and lifestyles of certain “Christian celebrities.”  You will read about how Joel Osteen is enjoying his best life now.  How Joyce Meyer has nothing to hide about her spending, and how Reformed star James MacDonald shops for a retreat when he’s in the market.  Enjoy yourself.  Oh, then don’t forget to send your love offerings to yours truly 😉


  1. “Oh, then don’t forget to send your love offerings to yours truly”

    Well, there you go. You can always start your own following, Paul.

    Someone recently sent me a video of Benny Hinn where he repeatedly stated that being healed was as easy as being saved. And I guess sending in “love offerings” helps as well.

  2. I would just be wary of the site overall. The author seems to be a self-taught on-line discernment guy and in other articles he is all over the map theologically. In one article I saw, he practically affirms Pelagianism.

    Also, I wouldn’t put James MacDonald in the same category with Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn. I have no problem if Macdonald has a big house in Chicago if God has so blessed him. His ministry is not known for being extravagant, and though I may have some sharp disagreements with his satellite church philosophy, he is nowhere in the ball park of advocating the theology of the health and wealth cults.


    1. Thanks Fred, I do not recommend the site, but I thought the article was interesting enough to fill time.

      About MacDonald, I also would not class him with the high rollers. I have some real differences with his approach, but he does serve as an example to those who are quick to point at softer targets – so I mentioned it. Perhaps I was wrong to? I appreciate your comment and I hope everyone reads it.

      Your brother,


  3. Perhaps I was wrong to?

    No, not necessarily. Just as long as there is a qualification. Like I said, there is a sharp distinction between MacDonald being blessed for the work he does, and the H&W cultist who make avarice the focus of their theological worldview.

  4. Gentlemen, I am a fairly recent but frequent visitor to this site. It has been very helpful to me since I could be described as a “Reluctant Dispensationalist” as well. Paul, your views and comments have been very helpful in my efforts to understand scripture and theology more deeply. I am frustrated by the weak efforts to emphasize doctrine and the “plain sense” of the scriptures in the church today.

    Regarding this thread I have a question. I wasn’t aware that James MacDonald is someone from the Reformed tradition. What is the basis of your comment of him being a “Reformed star”? I recently listened to some of his teaching on Revelation and he strongly emphasized the literal thousand year millennial reign referred to in Revelation 20. I may be one who misses the subtle differences in the Reformed/Covenant vs. Dispensational stances of popular Bible teachers and pastors today.

    On a side note, prior to seeing these comments, I went to his radio broadcast website to purchase his Revelation CD(s) and found the pricing to be breathtakingly high. (This might explain the house – (smiley face))

    In Christ


    Please forgive me, I previously posted on the wrong thread. Can you delete? It was on Craig Keeners comments. I am new to all this stuff.

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