Harvard Physicist’s Preprogrammed Ignorance

One would think that someone bright enough to teach physics at Harvard would at least have the sense to know when they are talking nonsense and undermining everything educational institutions should stand for.  Alas, such is not the case.

Lisa Randall believes everything is deterministically predestined by the onward roll of the laws of physics; even her own thoughts.  Then she writes to complain that faith in God has no place in science, and that no person who calls themselves a scientist ought to believe in God.  Ms Randall can’t help believing this, and, according to her thesis, those she opposes can’t help believing what they believe either…only they ought to help it!  I suppose she is predetermined by the laws of physics to think that people she disagrees with should not be predetermined by those same laws to think differently than she does?  No doubt the laws of physics force her to believe that she is writing public truth.  I’m sure she thinks that a student who botches an experiment was only doing what his molecular activity allowed him to do.  And she is preprogrammed to fail the student until the laws of physics raise the bar to allow the student to get it “right.”

Whatever, here is John Byl’s response to this madness.  Take a little time to read it:

How (Atheist) Scientists Lose Their Way


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