Dan Phillips reviews MLJ’s “Spiritual Depression”

Dan Phillips has been getting a few mentions here recently, but I couldn’t refrain from recommending to you his review of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s Spiritual Depression; a book which has had a huge influence on me.

First, like Dan, this book gave me solid meaty counsel when I was depressed (for many years).  It gave me more than a few fluffy proof-texts and made me see that God knows!

Second, it showed me how powerfully the Bible could be expounded and preached.

I highly recommend anyone who has not read this book to buy it and read it!




  1. Amen, and thanks, brother. Maybe betwixt us we can get it in the hands of folks who’ll find some sorely needed light in dark places.

    The disk of sermons is quite something as well. Have you ever heard Lloyd-Jones preach?

    1. Dan,

      Sorry I didn’t answer your question. No, I came too late! Second best, I was librarian for his library for a while and i have spoken to many who knew him personally. One lady, who is now with the Lord, showed me an autographed book which the Doctor had reluctantly signed as a thank you for staying with them for a week. He never did that because he couldn’t abide being thought of as a celebrity!

      I used to find Kat-Kat wrappers (the UK sort) in his books – used as bookmarks. Philip Eveson at London theological Seminary told me you couldn’t get MLJ to eat a square meal, but you could always bribe him with chocolate! 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s pretty great. I had no idea you had that involvement. I just meant “heard” in the sense of mp3’s or the like. He was an odd preacher, but I’ve been greatly encouraged and challenged by various sermons. By “odd,” I mean for instance IIRC he preached on a verse in Acts that had a textual issue, and he decided for a reading basically because he liked the sense of it better.

        Well, there y’go! Sure an easier way to do TxtCrit!

  2. Thank you, gentlemen. I now have my copy. The CD it comes with is a huge bonus. I’ll put upload it to my iPod and listen to it during my visit to Australia later this month.

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