Denny Burk on the Chick-fil-a Media Fiasco

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of free speech and freedom of religion in America should be irate about how the mainstream media, together with certain politicians, have turned against Chick-fil-a.  Tolerance for these people might be accurately understood as “if you don’t agree with us you are intolerant!”  Well, here’s a thoughtful article to reflect upon:


P.S. with thanks to Jim Peet



  1. Thanx for posting this Paul, I knew the media was being unfair and it helps to have the story in context.

  2. I’ve been following the whole “fiasco” from Christian forums Paul. Funny, those who consider themselves Reformed/Calvinist are remaining silent so far, and it is in general the non-Reformed that are trying to bat with the Christians directly affected…

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