From the Mud Hut

I was going to post one of my own, but this post by newly minted wordpress-or Fred Butler is too good not to mention.  We’re all familiar with the “evolution = science = enlightened freethinker” mindset.  Or we might call it the “something can’t come from nothing – life can’t come from non-life – information can’t exist without a mind, but I’ll believe the exact opposite anyway” mindset.  Here is an answer to one of these superior intellects who have taken Fred to task.  I think Fred does quite well!


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  1. It sure gets tiring hearing these silly arguments that anyone who believes the Bible at face value must be anti-science and shouldn’t benefit from modern technological advances. This line of argument demonstrates a large degree of ignorance concerning the Christian worldview which serves as the basis for much of the foundation for modern technology–and helps explain why the West has played such a large part in the development of computer hardware and software.

    Being trained as an electrical engineer, having undertaken graduate level computer science coursework, and working for 30 years in the field of computers and embedded software, I can attest that a belief in the “fact” of evolution has no bearing on the development of technology.

    I’ve spent my time in engineering on the very benefits that feller sez we Biblicists should not benefit from. Items providing benefits such as talking depth sounders, data loggers, laser brain surgery, embedded heart pumps, high-accuracy digital and analog measurement devices, and the like.

    It’s the same old ad-hominem argument: 1) science has proved the Bible to be irrelevant; 2) anyone who believes the Bible is unscientific; 3) leave science to the real experts who accept evolution as fact. So anyone who professes to take the Bible at face value is automatically ruled out of being taken seriously. Rather than addressing the points we have to make, we are simply dismissed as being out-of-touch.

    How convenient. 🙂

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