A Little Dialogue on Geneis One

While I try to loose myself from general busyness, here is a sensible article from an always sensible writer (Lynda O.) about a conversation between a young-earther and an old-earther.  In this case the dialogue is between, if I read it correctly, two dispensatiuonalists.

One of the maddening things about some dispensationalists is how they can be so inconsistent with their hermeneutics while promoting a normal reading of the Bible.  As anyone knows who isn’t plain crooked, a normal reading of Genesis 1 reveals a six 24 hour day creation week capped by a seventh day (cf. Exod. 20:11).  But too many dispies back off from the plain sense at this crucial juncture:



Note: although I am a strong advocate of Young Earth Creationism; believing it to be a clear teaching of the Bible and that the Old Earth position is advocated because believers do not have both eyes on Scripture, I want to say that I do not see OEC as a heresy.  I do, however, think any theistic evolutionism is heresy.

4 thoughts on “A Little Dialogue on Geneis One”

  1. It is amazing how some Dispensationalists switch hermeneutical strategies with Genesis 1-3 while applying good hermeneutics in establishing their eschatology. I thought Lynda did a good job.

  2. I agree with your “Note” that OEC is not a heresy, per se. However, I see it as a serious error that often leads to heresies such as compromises with evolution in a myriad of ways. All forms of evolutionism (including Progressive Creationism) put death before the Fall, and for this reason undermine the Gospel—making them heresies.

    1. I think this point has to be hammered to those who claim to uphold a “gospel-centric” view of the Scriptures. I believe Graeme Goldsworthy and John Dickson and most Sydney Anglicans deny six day creation, as do most British conservative evangelicals (Reformed Anglicans)

  3. Thank you for these thoughts guys. For my part I believe that many Christians have poor theology which can veer towards heresy if pressed. I see a difference here. Although I agree that progressive creationism is false (and theistic evolution IS heresy) I think many who hold to the former do so without thinking through the ramifications for the Gospel you highlight. I think you agree.

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