A Great Set of Studies on Augustine

Dr Jim Gifford has just completed a terrific series called ‘Saint Augustine and Southern Baptists.’  The series title does not do justice to the usefulness of Gifford’s work.  The posts and the discussions in the combox are very helpful for anyone interested in Augustine.  You might not agree with all his insights, but you will appreciate Gifford’s demeanor and careful scholarship:

Augustine and Southern Baptists: Introduction

Augustine and Divine Omnipotence

Augustine and Human Nature A

Augustine and Human Nature B

The Upshot of Augustine’s Assumptions: Divine Determinism

Augustine’s Exegetical and Hermeneutical Method

Augustine’s Critics and Legacy A

Augustine’s Critics and Legacy B

The series is hosted by SBC Tomorrow, which is dedicated to analyzing “the Calvinizing of the SBC.”  The site has its friends and enemies, but wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, I hope you will be benefited by Gifford’s work.

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