Veritas Update

Where has Veritas School of Theology gone? 

The School is still very much here, even though the website is temporarily down while being rebuilt.  My associate Eric Peterman is busying away on the technical side of things while I patiently upload hundreds of lectures under many class headings.  I have to say, (though you’ll have to take my word for it) it looks good!

Another thing that is happening is that we’re getting a new logo.  We have a new one for the School and one also for the Umbrella Ministry which we’ll be launching.  The logos bear relation to each other but with slight differences.  Again, they look terrific!  This blog will eventually be situated within the main Ministry website.

If all that wasn’t enough, the Lord has providentially led us to move back to California.  Yes, I know, that’s where people are moving from.  But we firmly believe the ministry will be able to grow far more than if we remained in “Southern Baptist Land.”  We are just a week away from loading up and driving 2,000 miles to NoCal – two hours north of San Francisco.  Try to stay off the roads from the 27th through the 1st as yours truly will be behind the wheel of a twenty-six footer with seventy plus boxes of books on board.

Needless to say, we would appreciate your prayers in this time of transition.

Your brother,



5 thoughts on “Veritas Update”

  1. Wishing you the best in the move and set up at your new residence.

    We moved 6 months ago and still have the bulk of reference material in a remote storage site until I finish constructing all the bookcases, shelving, and cabinets. To utilize our small space involves custom features and constructions that were unique from our previous place.

    I put your blog on “follow” though I rarely agree completely with your views (I am however decidedly Premillenial).

    I read a short article by Poythress on IIThess. 1 where he demonstrates that the text in that book does not support a period of “Tribulation.” My thinking is that the 70th week period needs to be found from other places and necessarily inferred into IIThess. 1.

    1. But Squeaky, amills & postmills NEVER “infer” anything from anything in the Bible. They call that “Asking questions the Bible doesn’t answer”, “Going beyond what is written”. Only Dispensationalists (and prophets & angels: 1 Peter 1:10-12) “wonder” if certain passages–say the Revelation’s letters to the seven churches–might actually have something important to say to the 21st century world.

      To mangle a favorite passage from Chesterton: “Non-Dispies are not allowed to admit into their spotless hermeneutical machine the slightest speck of curiosity, conjecture, connection, confluence, contemporaneity…. not allowed to retain even the tiniest imp, though it might be hiding in a pimpernel.”

    2. 2 Thes 2:4 points this to the mid way point of the 70th week read in the light of Matthew 24:15. This pleaces this in within the context of the 70th week in which each half is more fully discussed in Matthew 24. 2 Thes 2 is a context which does place events within it which procedes the second coming of Christ in it. Basically amillennialist and postmillenialist do not define the term ” day of the Lord in the same manner as dispensationalist generally do. I have read many premillennial commentaries which showed expositionally that there is a ” tribulation period ” being discussed in 2 Thes 2. All too often Amillennial and Postmillennial commentaries generally fall short on it. It should be setted there is disagreement with those who are reformed on this point. Some are historicalist as were almost all the Reformers and some are preterist today.

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