Announcement – TELOS: A Christian Resource Ministry and Theological School

Many of my readers know that my calling and the means of putting food on the family’s table (usually!) has been Veritas School of Theology.  But I can now announce some exciting changes.

Our mission has always been to train God’s people to believe what God says and to think biblically.

We do this at a low cost, and if I may say so, quite effectively.

But many of you also are aware that we have been in the throes of change; not a change of ministry, but an expansion and rebranding of the ministry.  Now, at long last, I am happy to reveal what we’ve been up to.

Two New Websites!

I have always wanted the school to be part of a broader outreach.  This has led us to create two websites; one for the school, and another for the ‘umbrella’ ministry.  Let me introduce them to you:

TELOS THEOLOGICAL MINISTRIES (Telos for short), is designed as a go-to place for free Bible instruction for the Christian public.  If you press the link you’ll find plenty of audio files, on all sorts of topics, plus articles and reviews, with lots more, including video, to come.  There’s also a link to this blog.

So get going and browse!  Tell your friends about us.  LIKE us on Facebook, and do all the other things ministries like this need nowadays to get known.

If, after you have listened for a while, you would like to arrange for myself or my buddy Eric Peterman to do a seminar or conference near you, we’d be glad to help.

TELOS BIBLICAL INSTITUTE (Telos Institute for short), is the new name for Veritas School of Theology as was.  We’ve revamped the old website, and added Certificate programs and Diplomas for those interested in doing study in particular areas, but not in pursuing a degree.  Of course, any one can audit lectures.  We only ask for a donation to help us along.  Whether taking a degree or listening to a single lecture, you can study any time at Telos.

Separating the seminary from the main ministry gives us the freedom to offer resources not specific to students, or to let visitors know what goes on at Telos Institute.

Needless to say, I would love to get your feedback and ideas on these new ventures!

Your brother,




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