Link: “3 Premillennialists Duke It Out”

As previously noted, I was asked to represent Traditional Dispensationalism for a set of interviews conducted by Lindsay Kennedy.  Two far more noteworthy contributors; Darrell Bock (Progressive Dispensationalism), and James Hamilton (Historic Premillennialism), were also interviewed.

After the interviews were completed, each man was given the opportunity to ask one of the others a question.  Darrell Bock asked me about Acts 2 and the Throne of David.  I drew Jim Hamilton and promptly snuck-in two questions.  The second was deliberately “open” to see what Hamilton would do with it.  I intend to say a bit more on his answers, both to myself and to Bock, in another post.

Anyway, Brother Kennedy has posted the Q & A under the enticing title “3 Premillennialists Duke It Out.”  Click on the link, have a gander and see what you make of it.  I should say that I was the most verbose.  The only excuse I can come up with is that Dr Bock asked me a question particularly germane to the Trad. Disp/PD debate which I felt required the sort of response I gave.




  1. Hi Dr. Henebury, thanks again for the interviews and pointing this out to your readers. I look forward to your future posts. You’re right that your answer required more due to its nature; it’s quite interesting the variety of questions I got!

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