John Byl Critiques Groothuis’s ‘Christian Apologetics’

I really appreciate John Byl’s stand for young-earth creationism against all the accommodationist nonsense of old-earthers.  He has written some thoughts about apologist Douglas Groothuis’s big book Christian Apologetics which should be pondered.  I think he shows the problems which inhere in the ‘two books’ view and in cow-towing to Big Bang cosmology.

I agree with Byl that Groothuis’s book has good things in it, although I cannot recommend it as an apologetics book.  I feel okay about it though since Groothuis cannot bring himself to recommend one presuppositionalist work in his annotated bibliography at the end of his book.



  1. I read the book when it first came out. Lots to like about it but I was shaking my head at his short dismissal of presupp apologetics. Granted, the book was not a critique of other views but it was not handled well.

  2. I picked up Groothuis’ “Truth Decay” cheap at Half Price Books because it addresses Postmodernism. At a quick skim I saw one or two things I was wary of. Thanks for the Byl link. Will check it out.

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