How Old-Earth Creationists Use Scripture

Fred Butler has begun a series evaluating old-earth creationist (OEC) appeals to Scripture.  Naturally, OEC’s have to adopt the same methodology as amillennialists and other adherents of symbolical and typological interpretation and cast doubt on the perspicuity of the most pertinent texts which point to a young earth.  My Rules of Affinity help to weed out this type of eisegesis.

The process is always the same: (1) start with the teaching you prefer; (2) employ unaided reason to set up your argument; (3) appeal to texts which were not written in support of your views by wrenching them from their contexts and reading your inferences into them; (4) cast doubt on clear texts which contradict your preference.  Oh, and pretend you are not dividing your authorities allegiance between the authority of the Bible and an extra-biblical source or sources!

Here’s the link:



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