Christ as the Center of Scripture – Videos 1 & 2

Here are the first two videos of my TELOS Conference presentations of Biblical Covenantalism. These presentations cover the topics of Hermeneutics and Creation.


Second Talk: CHRIST and CREATION

These video presentations give a detailed overview of Biblical Covenantalism and the exalted place it gives to the Lord Jesus Christ; a place which is not artificially read onto the pages of the Bible, but which comes clearly from its plain wording – especially from the words of the biblical covenants!

Parts Three and Four


5 thoughts on “Christ as the Center of Scripture – Videos 1 & 2”

  1. Brother Paul: Both of these video presentations are just what students of Scripture need as a foundation for understanding the Word of God. I look forward with anticipation to the other videos in this series. You have so rightly taught that God means exactly what He says and He will do exactly what He has promised. Thanks for posting these videos for our enlightenment!

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