Christ as the Center of Scripture – Videos 5 & 6

Parts Three and Four

Here are the fifth and sixth videos of my TELOS Conference presentations of Biblical Covenantalism. These presentations cover the pivotal role of the Lord Jesus Christ in “the Creation Project” set out in God’s Word; especially in His Covenants:



I hope that these six presentations elucidate my approach more clearly for some visitors to this blog.



  1. Brother Paul: I have been blessed to watch (and listen carefully to) your series on Christ as the Center of Scripture. These videos would be of tremendous benefit to all students of Scripture. I was wondering if these videos will be available for download or if I can link them on my Website? If a link is permissible, how long a time would these series be available on the Internet as some videos seem to disappear all too quickly? You have also graciously posted them on the Spirit and Truth Website which is a rich resource for Scriptural teaching just as your Website has been to this servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Paul’s videos will remain available at as long as our website remains up. (We make a point of capturing our own copies just for the very reason you mention–the ongoing ‘bit rot’ on the Internet where links tend to go stale and valuable information moves or disappears.)

    God bless – Tony

    1. Good to know, Tony. I’ve been trying to get people to sit down and watch them. He’s done a terrific job. As you all have.

      1. Hi Alf,

        Yes, Paul does a marvelous job on these videos. I highly recommend them too.

        Also, if you want to download the videos to your own computer and show them at a home group of study while offline, if you go to each video link on our website, underneath the video player you’ll see a link which says “MP4”. If you right-click that then you can “save as” to save your own copy of the video for future reference.

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