Three Videos on Science & Christianity

I have been putting my introductory lectures for Telos on Apologetics & Worldview up on YouTube.  There are several more to come, but I thought it would be useful to place the three classes dealing with Science together in a post.  Throughout the classes I quote from quite a number of authorities.  I hope this is more helpful than it is distracting.

The first, “Science and Personal Knowledge” includes a study of Michael Polanyi’s theory of knowledge, which is important for dispelling the false notion of dispassionate objectivity in science.

The second lesson, “The Myth of Naturalistic Science” tries to demonstrate how belief in scientific materialism or naturalism is unsustainable:

The last video is entitled “Scientism and Circularity” and attempts to show that the facts are stacking up to overwhelm the classic rhetoric of naturalistic evolutionary ‘science’, although adherence to scientism and its circular reasoning (based on the dogma that ‘naturalism must be true’) still makes it impervious to the facts:

7 thoughts on “Three Videos on Science & Christianity”

  1. Good stuff I’m planning to share this post in the next round up; when you are done with this series I plan to also share it on our blog as a stand alone post and also link it up to our “Ultimate Collection of Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures” as well!

  2. Dr. H,

    Of course I don’t have the pedigree you do, but as a student 2/3 the way through an M.A. in Philosophy and Apologetics, let me just say that you are absolutely nailing it.

    Rarely is this type of top-notch quality scholarship matched with a consistent and thorough-going diligent style. It’s obvious that you’ve done your homework, and done it well.

    This is the type of teaching that needs to be on Big Think, Ted Talks, PBS, NPR, etc. etc. instead of the New Atheist nonsense you utterly debunked.

    I can only presume from the small classroom that you aren’t instructing to a large crowd. But please don’t let that discourage you. I for one am inspired and I know God is doing great work in and through your abilities.


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