Websites Worth Visiting

Veritas School of Theologyour “Veritas Project”

Answers In Genesis
– Ken Ham, early earth! global flood!! Gasp, Horror! Great site.

Institute for Creation Research – John Morris and co. continue the great work of his father.

Creation Concepts – This is the origins site of my friend Dr Jonathan Henry. Some superb articles here.

Webtruth – My old friend Michael Penfold’s interesting page

Probe Ministries – Kirby Anderson – Contemporary Issues

Covenant Media Foundation – I recommend their materials on Apologetics.

Spirit and Truth – Steve Lewis, Tony Garland and Andy Woods. Some fine teaching is on this site.

Tektonics – A hard-nosed apologetics site. A bit of fun, but also helpful. Leans a bit too much on historical scholarship.

NeoFundamentalist Blog – Tom Pryde, my partner-in-crime at VST

Randall Shanks’ Blog

Randy Peterman dot com – web design, blog, etc.

Spirit – Christian Insight on Neo-Paganism from Peter Jones.

Ariel Ministries – Arnold Fruchtenbaum -I don’t always agree with him but the site is worthwhile

Sojourner Ministries – Steve Ger – Evangelism to Jews

Steve Hays’ Topical Index – A very smart guy who you will learn a lot from.

Stand To Reason – Greg Koukl – Always a thoughtful writer, especially on ethics.

Witnessing To Roman Catholics – Mike Gendron – The teaching ministry of Charlie Clough, a dispensationalist who thinks about more than prophecy. Some profound stuff here.

Dr Michael Stallard – Another thoughtful dispensationalist. Mike heads up the PhD program at BBS, Clark’s Summit, PA.

VanTil Info. – James Anderson’s useful site about Van Til. Not every article is pro-Vantillian.

The Sacred Sandwich – A little sarcastic and overly Reformed, but it’s a good laugh. Especially the ‘Gallery of Dubious Photojournalism’!

Soniclight – Thomas Constable’s excellent Bible notes.

The Works of John Frame & Vern Poythress – Some terrific articles here. But watch for the Covenant theology.

9Marks – Mark Dever & co. Good practical direction on the Ministry