Thoughts for the New Year – John Howe

Principally, this fourfold consideration you should have of [God]in yielding yourselves to Him, namely, as your Owner, your Teacher, your Ruler, and your Benefactor; and all these with the addition of Supreme, it being impossible He should have a superior, or that there should be any one above Him in any of these.  And He is in some sense all these to you before you can have yielded yourselves…, but when you yield yourselves to Him, He will be all these to you in a far higher, nobler, and more excellent sense. – John Howe, Works, Vol. IV (1862), 54.

God’s Riches In Us – Abraham Kuyper

“God’s elect do not exist without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  We derive all that we are not from ourselves, but from that rich Dweller in our hearts.  we, His poor host, have nothing, and from our own treasury can produce not even a grain of love; but our rich Guest works in us with all His wealth.  Or rather, not with His own, but with the riches of Christ’s cross-merits; and with lavish hands He spends these cross-merits upon the poor owner of the house, making him unspeakably rich.” – Abraham Kuyper, The Work of the Holy Spirit, 546.

What Sin Is – W. H. Griffith Thomas

There are three circles of life: our relation to self; to our fellows; and to God.  And when this is realised it is at once seen that sin and selfishness are not synonymous.  Selfishness is, of course, one of the consequences and manifestations of sin, but it is not sin itself.  Sin involves far more than this.  The New Testament definition of sin is not selfishness, but “lawlessness.”  Law is as real in the moral world as in the physical, and no definition of sin is adequate that does not regard it as a violation of the law of God, whether of conscience or Scripture. – W. H. Griffith Thomas, The Principles of Theology, 169.

Thomas Manton on the Temptations of the World

Temptations from the world should the less prevail with us, because it is the whole drift of religion to call us off from the world; so that if we be baptized into the spirit of our religion, we should be quite another temper, not apt to be wrought upon by temptations of this kind…What! a christian (sic)? and so worldly? a christian, and so vain and frothy?  it is a contradiction.  You that are carried out after the pomp and vanities of the world, do you believe in Christ, whose kingdom is not of this world?  False christians are branded: 1 John iv. 5, ‘They are of the world, and speak of the world, and the world heareth them;’ they are engulfed in the world, and they would fain draw others to be as bad as themselves.” – Thomas Manton, Works IV. The Life of Faith,120