Where Am I?

Well, we made the journey from Ft. Worth area to N. California in one piece.  It took us a day more than we expected because our little five year old was sick along the way.  I thank God that I didn’t hit anyone or anything in the 26 ft. Penske, loaded to the hilt, that I drove for 2,000 miles.  I only had one brow-mopping episode when exiting a gas station at Santa Nella, Ca.  I had to make a tight turn and hopped off the curb and the the moving truck rocked to and fro for a few long seconds before fastening all four wheels to the road again!  

We have been at our new place for a week and have had no internet since arriving.  We still don’t, so I’m hammering this out at a friend’s place until we get with it again.  

Anyway, thanks for your prayers.  They were felt.  Normal service will be resumed here very soon.  

Your brother,



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