Telos Apologetics Audios

Over at the TELOS website I have placed up the following talks I gave at a recent conference

Session 1 – Worldviews Get in the Way

Session 2 – Apologetics and Worldviews Pt.1

Session 3 – Apologetics and Worldviews Pt.2

Session 4 – Which Books Belong in the Bible?

Session 5 – The God of the Bible and the God of Islam


6 thoughts on “Telos Apologetics Audios”

  1. Listened to the first of this series on Sunday. Liked it so much that I took notes and replayed the middle portion for our home fellowship. I liked the Ham-Nye debate but think your perspective is much needed. You could see Nye totally unable to objectively consider anything that Ham would say. Thanks so much for making these available.



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